Window Cleaning Prices

Guaranteed Fair and Competitive Pricing, Window Cleaning in Eagle River, Girdwood, and Anchorage AK.


Our top-notch service is extremely detail-oriented cleaning sills, screens, window tracks and even opening up windows as standard service. We are licensed, bonded & insured.


$5.50 a windowpane per side*

So it’s easy for you to count up your own and get an idea of the cost. Please use the  Handy Estimator tool below.


Inside & Outside Discount:

We offer a discount if you get both the inside and outside of your windows done. 15% discount for return customers, 10% for new.


$100 minimum per job.


*We do not have an extra charge for larger windows or windows high off the ground as long, as you have enough little ones to even it all out. Occasionally huge, difficult windows end up being counted as double, but we can figure that out on location.

Use our handy estimator below to get an idea of the cost* for cleaning windows at your house.

*Jobs $100 minimum,
Inside & Out Discount applied at the time of invoicing.